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How can KERYDIN® help?

KERYDIN® is a topical prescription for the treatment of toenail fungus. It’s the first and only approved antifungal that uses boron technology. Boron-based molecules are very small. Their size and shape contribute to their ability to reach the site of infection. This helps KERYDIN® to get to the root of toenail fungus. KERYDIN® comes with a dropper applicator that gets the medication to where it needs to go.

Kerydin Bottle Sizes

Success is based on the medicine treating the fungus, and the body growing out a healthy new nail. You’ll need to apply KERYDIN® once a day for 48 weeks only to the affected toenails.

A toenail only grows about 1 mm a month—so it can take 12 to 18 months to grow out completely.

How to use Kerydin


Here’s how a new toenail could grow with treatment

Toe Progress

In 2 separate clinical studies, patients with toenail fungus applied KERYDIN® once a day for 48 weeks. Results for KERYDIN® (compared with a “vehicle” without medicine) were evaluated at 52 weeks: Complete Cure (negative mycology1 and completely clear nail2)—Trial 1: 6.5% (vs 0.5% vehicle) and Trial 2: 9.1% (vs 1.5% vehicle); Complete or Almost Complete Cure (negative mycology and ≤ 10% visible sign of toenail fungus on target toenail)—Trial 1: 15.3% (vs 1.5% vehicle) and Trial 2: 17.9% (vs 3.9% vehicle); Mycologic Cure (negative mycology)—Trial 1: 31.1% (vs 7.2% vehicle) and Trial 2: 35.9% (vs 12.2% vehicle).

1Negative mycology (no laboratory evidence of fungal infection). 
2Completely Clear Nail (no clinical evidence of toenail fungus of the target toenail as shown by a normal toenail plate, no separation of nail from the nail bed, and no accumulation of soft keratin under the nail).

How do you use KERYDIN®?

Unlike some other topical treatments, you don’t have to wait to use KERYDIN® after you bathe or shower. Just make sure your toenails are clean and dry before applying.

Squeeze the top to get Kerydin into the dropper

Step 1

Squeeze the top to get KERYDIN® into the dropper.

Step 2

Hold the dropper over the affected toenail, and apply one or more drops to cover the nail. Using the dropper tip, spread KERYDIN® over the whole toenail.

Hold the dropper over the affected toenail, and apply one or more drops to cover the nail
Apply Kerydin under the tip of the toenail

Step 3

Apply KERYDIN® under the tip of the toenail. Use the dropper tip to gently spread KERYDIN® under the entire tip of the toenail. Allow a couple of minutes for toenail to dry completely. Use a tissue to wipe any excess solution from the surrounding skin. Do not wipe KERYDIN® off of your toenail. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for each affected toenail.

Step 4

Insert the dropper back into the bottle, screw it on tightly, and wash your hands.

Use a tissue to wipe any excess solution from the surrounding skin


KERYDIN® works differently to get to the root of the fungal infection. Only your doctor can decide if KERYDIN® is right for you.

Once you’ve used KERYDIN® every day only on your affected toenails for a few months, you may want to go back to the doctor and get tested again for toenail fungus. Tests can confirm whether or not fungus is still present. Remember though, even when you test negative for toenail fungus, you may still see discoloration in the affected nail(s) until it grows out. This can take a year or more.

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